Table 1 Tirant insertion sites as identified using RepeatMasker on genome assemblies. +: insertion found in the genome assembly of the strain. Due to the fragmented nature of our assemblies, we are not able to interpret “absence of detection” as “absence of tirant”. These data do not distinguish tirant subfamilies. TSS: Transcription Start Site. U: Unkown chromosome. ≥ LTR: we detected one LTR (417 bp) at the extremity of a scaffold, which means that we do not know whether the insertion is a solo LTR or longer. Insertion #10 is located 242 bp upstream of CanA1 TSS, and insertion #11 533 bp upstream of Lamp1 TSS. D. simulans orthologs as assigned in OrthoDB v9.1 (retrieved via FlyBase in november 2018) are mentioned in brackets and italics.
Insertion #ChrAnnotationInsertion size (bp)MayotteMakinduChicharo
13RIntron CG34383 (FBgn0190438)41+++
33RIntron Hs6st (FBgn0041661)≥ LTR+
42LIntron vri (FBgn0194720)≥ LTR+
53RIntron CG11873 (NA)≥ LTR+
63R> 95+
92h> 589+
103RNear CanA1 TSS (FBgn0192983)> 96+
112LNear Lamp1 TSS (FBgn0195671)704+++
122LIntron tkv (FBgn0194057)≥ LTR+
132L> 100+
142R> 95+
152RIntron CG17684 (FBgn0268563)8014+
16U> 99+++
19U> 93+