Table 2 Examples of differentially expressed genes identified using pairwise comparison of abomasum, rumen and ileum samples from sheep at one-week vs. newborn and 8 weeks vs. 1 week. The gene expression estimate (as TPM) at the earliest developmental stage in each comparison is included as TPM 1 and at the later developmental stage as TPM 2
GeneTissueDevelopmental StageFold ChangeP-ValueDirectionTPM 1TPM 2
COL1A1Rumen8 Weeks vs. 1 Week2.13.3x10−5Up29,26992,501
Ileum8 Weeks vs. 1 Week−2.38.5x10−15Down35,5066919
COL1A2Rumen8 Weeks vs. 1 Week2.17.3x10−5Up25,91980,206
Ileum8 Weeks vs. 1 Week−2.15.6x10−14Down33,3847541
KRT36Rumen8 Weeks vs. 1 Week3.96.5x10−8Up638469,503
HMGCS2RumenOne Week vs. Newborn8.42.3x10−50Up6619,467
SLC14A1RumenOne Week vs. Newborn2.49.3x10−16Up218110,158
IL36ARumen8 Weeks vs. 1 Week3.71.4x10−5Up2752647
CLEC4EIleum8 Weeks vs. 1 Week2.42.7x10−4Up1576
PIPRumen8 Weeks vs. 1 Week3.15.1x10−7Up3752113
IFIT2IleumOne Week vs. Newborn2.01.8x10−6Up76275
IFIT3Abomasum8 Weeks vs. 1 Week3.17.7x10−31Up337439
MX1Abomasum8 Weeks vs. 1 Week2.15.5x10−21Up10481307
RumenOne Week vs. Newborn3.61.2x10−5Up2202256
DUOXA2RumenOne Week vs. Newborn4.13.2x10−5Up12168
IDO1IleumOne Week vs. Newborn4.22.0x10−8Up881467