Table 1 General genomic features of M. dispar
FeaturesGS01ATCC 27140
Accession No.CP024049NZ_CP007229.1
Genome size (bp)1,065,8101,084,449
GC content29.09%29.04%
Protein-coding genes
(excluding pseudogenes)825826
Protein-coding gene length (bp)972,330983,871
Gene/Genome (%)91.23%90.73%
GC content in gene region29.73%29.70%
Gene average length (bp)1,1791,191
Intergenic region length (bp)93,480100,578
GC content in intergenic region22.43%22.58%
Intergenic length/Genome (%)8.77%9.27%
tRNA number3232
rRNA (by de novo prediction)33a
5S rRNA (by de novo prediction)11a
16S rRNA (by de novo prediction)11a
23S rRNA (by de novo prediction)11a
  • a The data were predicted using the same method as M. dispar GS01.

  • b The data were obtained from the NCBI GenBank database.