Table 1 Details of animals and samples from the GI tract and other tissues included in this study
SpeciesBreedDevelopmental StageSexGI Tract TissuesReference & ENA Study Accession
SheepTexel x Scottish BlackfaceBirth (neonate/ pre-ruminant)1 male, 2 femalesStomachClark et al. 2017 (PRJEB19199)
Abomasum, Pylorus
SheepTexel x Scottish BlackfaceOne Week (transition from pre-ruminant to ruminant)1 male, 2 femalesLarge Intestine
Cecum, Colon Spiral, Colon Large
SheepTexel x Scottish Blackface8 Weeks (ruminant)2 males, 1 femaleSmall Intestine
Duodenum, Ileum, Jejunum, Peyer’s Patch
SheepTexel x Scottish BlackfaceAdult (GI tract) (2 years)3 males, 3 femalesRumen Complex
Omasum, Reticulum, Rumen
SheepTexel x Scottish BlackfaceAdult (2 years)3 males, 3 femalesEsophageal Mucosa, Esophageal Muscle, Rectum, Liver, Alveolar MacrophagesClark et al. 2017 (PRJEB19199)
SheepTexel8 – 9 Months1 femaleAbomasum, Colon, Cecum, Rectum, Rumen, Omentum, Peyer’s PatchJiang et al. 2014 (PRJEB6169)
SheepTexelAdult (>2 years)1 male, 1 female
GoatCrossbredOne Week3 maleIleum, Rumen, Colon Large, Alveolar MacrophagesThis Study (PRJEB23196)