Table 4 Runtime of OCMA for Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). Sample size N = 1 million. M is the number of selected genetic markers. The same machine described in the Tables 1 and 2 is used. Four threads are used in the test. Time is measured by wall-clock (instead of CPU time). The sign “/” indicates that the system does not allow the calculation to happen due to limited memory and swap spaces
100089.5 s102.5 s93.6 s309.9 s
2000226.1 s230.9 s208.0 s3564 s
3000450.8 s523.4 s391.8 s11232 s
40000.41 h0.42 h/4.94 h
50001.50 h1.77 h/6.58 h
60003.21 h3.38 h/9.94 h
7000/8.95 h/16.09 h
8000/16.40 h/21.16 h