Table 1 Genotyping results for the EDA:c.458delT-variant of the affected Dachshund family and reference dogs. The Dachshund breed, the number of individuals per breed, and the respective sex and genotype are stated. For the affected dachshund family, the predicted genotype is also stated, when it could be deducted from phenotype and/or mode of inheritance
Members of the affected dachshund familyPredicted genotypeSexGenotype
dog A (male affected puppy)Affectedmdel/-
dog B (male affected puppy)Affectedmdel/-
dog C (male affected puppy)Affectedmdel/-
dog D (male affected puppy)Affectedmdel/-
dog E (dam)Obligate carrierfdel/wt
dog F (maternal granddam)fwt/wt
dog G (maternal great-granddam)fwt/wt
dog H (female puppy)fwt/wt
dog I (female hypotrichotic puppy)fdel/wt
dog J (female hypotrichotic puppy)fdel/wt
dog K (full sibling of dam)Freemwt/-
dog L (full sibling of dam)fwt/wt
dog M (paternal half sibling of dam)Obligate freefwt/wt
dog N (paternal half sibling of dam)Obligate freefwt/wt
dog O (paternal half sibling of dam)Obligate freefwt/wt
dog P (paternal half sibling of dam)Obligate freefwt/wt
Dachshund breedNumber of dogsSexGenotype
Shorthaired Standard Dachshund13mwt/-
Longhaired Rabbit Dachshund3mwt/-
Longhaired Standard Dachshund4fwt/wt
Longhaired Miniature Dachshund6mwt/-
Wirehaired Rabbit Dachshund1mwt/-
Wirehaired Standard Dachshund24mwt/-
Wirehaired Miniature Dachshund13mwt/-
Other dog breedsNumber of dogsSexGenotype