Table 6 Comparison between OCMA and OpenBLAS, a multi-thread package for matrix factorization. The same function (“ssyevd”) in OpenBLAS is used. The computing node has two E5-2690V4 CPUs with 28 cores in total. The total memory available is 192GB. Environmental variables MKL_NUM_THREADS and OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS are used to specify the number of threads in OCMA and OpenBLAS respectively
100001.1GB1016.4 s29.3 s
2014.3 s24.3 s
200004.5GB10125.9 s187.0 s
2073.1 s156.5 s
5000027.9GB100.47 h0.76 h
200.25 h0.52 h
100000111.8GB103.63 h4.90 h
201.90 h3.54 h