Table 5 Runtime of OCMA for a subset of singular values. Sample size N = 1 million. M, the number of selected genetic markers, is 5,000. K is the number of top SVs. The same machine described in the Table 1 and 2 is used. Four threads are used in the test. Time is measured by wall-clock (instead of CPU time)
100.30 h0.30 h0.206 h4.46 h
200.30 h0.30 h0.207 h4.60 h
500.30 h0.30 h0.209 h4.79 h
1000.31 h0.31 h0.211 h4.87 h
2000.32 h0.32 h0.215 h4.95 h
5000.32 h0.32 h0.225 h5.01 h
10000.33 h0.33 h0.230 h5.10 h
20000.83 h0.95 h/5.65 h