Table 3 Comparison of the runtime of OCMA under the Windows and Linux operating systems for eigen decomposition. The same machine described in the Table 1 and 2 was used. Four threads are used in the test. Time is measured by wall-clock (instead of CPU time). The sign “/” indicates that the system does not allow the calculation to happen due to limited memory and swap spaces
1000046.2 s46.2 s41.6 s55.0 s
20000246.4 s252.6 s214.5 s231.8 s
30000760.7 s775.3 s690.1 s889.0 s
400000.50 h0.51 h0.44 h1.13 h
500001.02 h1.05 h0.94 h4.20 h
600001.96 h2.25 h/8.61 h
70000/3.43 h/14.85 h
80000/18.31 h/40.90 h
90000/52.53 h/84.89 h
100000/132.91 h/127.91 h