Table 2 Eurasian perch genome assembly statistics
10X Genome assembly*Genome assembly by Malmstrøm et al. (2017)*
Contig statistics
Number of contigs100,796181,537
Total contig size (bp)851,640,084626,588,998
Contig N50 size (bp)18,1964,140
Largest contig (bp)241,85746,493
Scaffold statistics
Number of scaffolds31,105139,898
Total scaffold size (bp)958,225,764630,583,430
Scaffold N50 size (bp)6,260,5195,973
Largest scaffold (bp)29,260,44873,288
GC/N (%)40.9/11.140.6/0.6
BUSCO genome completeness
Complete4,033 (88.0%)2,144 (46.8%)
Complete and single copy3,933 (85.8%)2,105 (45.9%)
Complete and duplicated100 (2.2%)39 (0.9%)
Fragmented323 (7.0%)1246 (27.2%)
Missing228 (5.0%)1194 (26.0%)
Number of protein-coding genes23,397
Number of functionally-annotated proteins23,171
Mean protein length (interquartile range, aa)506 (224-614)
Longest protein (aa)8,907 (nesprin-1)
Average number (length, interquartile range of length) of exon per gene9 (228, 89-189 bp)
Average number (length, interquartile range of length) of intron per gene8 (1,224, 150-1,340 bp)
  • * Minimum scaffold length is 1 Kb.