Table 1 Stocks sequenced in this study
SpeciesStock #1
D. ananassae14024-0371.13
D. biarmipes14023-0361.02
D. bipectinata14024-0381.07
D. erecta14021-0224.01
D. eugracilis14026-0451.02
D. mauritiana14021-0241.01
D. mojavensis15081-1352.22
D. persimilis14011-0111.01
D. pseudoobscura14011-0121.94
D. sechellia14021-0248.01
D. simulans14021-0251.006
D. triauraria14028-0691.9
D. virilis15010-1051.87
D. willistoni14030-0811.00
D. yakuba14021-0261.01
  • 1 Stocks were obtained from the Drosophila Stock Center when it was located at the University of California San Diego. The stock center is now located at Cornell University.