Table 6 Number of singleton reference contigs that could be placed on the contigs assembled in this study and the number of gaps closed between reference contigs on scaffolds with one or more gaps
SpeciesNumber of reference scaffolds with at least one gapNumber of reference contigs aligned to assemblyNumber of gaps in the reference assemblyNumber of reference assembly gaps potentially closedPercentage of reference assembly gaps potentially closed
D. ananassae2,3059,0886,7833,26448%
D. biarmipes1,2583,8162,5581,50659%
D. bipectinata1,6394,9963,3571,62448%
D. erecta1,0643,5502,4861,19048%
D. eugracilis1,1534,6283,4751,76851%
D. mauritiana1512,45912,44410,72686%
D. mojavensis1,4016,4345,0333,30066%
D. persimilis1,63615,61113,97511,46482%
D. pseudoobscura9565,5514,5952,29850%
D. sechellia1,5588,2536,6955,43181%
D. simulans9944,5993,6052,57271%
D. virilis1,1015,9534,8523,24267%
D. willistoni1,7287,2485,5201,86234%
D. yakuba1,1626,5625,4003,70469%