Table 1 All splice junctions derived from transcripts the gene model in Figure 1 example
Splice junction aIsoformAnnotated? (Y/N)Annotated frequency (unique, common, constitutive)Exon-skipping? (Y/N)Alternative donor? (Y/N)Alternative acceptor? (Y/N)
Exon A:Exon DIsoform 1YUniqueNYN
Exon B:Exon DIsoform 2YUniqueNYN
Exon C:Exon DIsoform 3YUniqueNYN
Exon D:Exon EIsoforms 1, 2 and 3YConstitutiveNNN
Exon E:Exon F|Exon E:Exon G*Isoform 1 (E:G), Isoform 2 (E:F)YCommonNNN
Exon E:Exon IIsoform 3YUniqueYNN
Exon F:Exon IIsoform 2YUniqueYYN
Exon G:Exon HIsoform 1YUniqueNYN
Exon H:Exon JIsoform 1YUniqueYNY
Exon I:Exon KIsoform 3YUniqueNNY
Exon I:Exon LIsoform 2YUniqueNNY
  • a Junctions here are denoted with the 5′most exon first. The second exon/intron is separated from the first using a colon. Events with identical donors and acceptors are separated by a “|”

  • * Junction is not distinct as exons F and G share the same donor site.