Table 2 Effects of pept-1 RNAi on EGF-Ras-MAPK reporter egl-17::cfp (A) and Delta-Notch reporter lip-1::gfp (B). Results of statistical tests for transcriptional reporter assays (Figure 5). We used an ANOVA testing for the fixed effects of RNAi treatment, Individual (nested in RNAi treatment), Pn.p cell and the interaction between RNAi treatment and Pn.p cell using mean signal intensity as a response variable. Including the effect Individual (RNAi treatment), allowed controlling for the non-independence of signal intensity in P5.p, P6.p, and P7.p measured in a given individual. Data were log-transformed for analysis
A) egl-17::cfp
SourceDFSum of SquaresF RatioP
RNAi Treatment126.560.040.8413
Individual (RNAi Treatment)312792.820.141.0000
Pn.p cell2538247.46409.63< 0.0001
Pn.p cell x RNAi Treatment220392.7315.52< 0.0001
B) lip-1::gfp
SourceDFSum of SquaresF RatioP
RNAi Treatment1456.590.340.5607
Individual (RNAi Treatment)2624120.940.700.8403
Pn.p cell2200764.7875.39< 0.0001
Pn.p cell x RNAi Treatment236553.0613.73< 0.0001