Table 1

Simulation univariate study. Student t-test of mean and variance differences between the lines selected by the univariate Kullback-Leibler (KL), Continuous Ranked Probability Score (CRPS) and Linear-Linear (LinLin) loss functions vs. lines selected under the standard selection method (Std), after 20 replications of the simulated breeding program. The selected proportions were the top 10% and top 30% of the candidates, and the means and variances were compared at the 10th selection cycle

contrasta) mean of top 10%b) mean of top 30%
CRPS vs. Std−0.85360.42.9380.006*
KL vs. Std−0.11380.9141.7370.088
Lin vs. Std−0.73380.4693.1340.004*
contrastc) variance of top 10%d) variance of top 30%
CRPS vs. Std−
KL vs. Std−0.933.80.355237.80.052*
Lin vs. Std034.50.9733.137.20.003*