Table 1 Selected targets and the basic statistics for the unassembled genomes. The genome sequences assembled in this study all have 2n = 32 chromosomes. The Illumina sequence reads and the corresponding genome sizes estimates from the 31-mer analysis of the paired end reads are given. Qualitative levels of heterozygosity, 1 = highest 7 = lowest, are based on quantitatively ranking the 31-mer distributions by relative proportion of the two peaks
Taxonomy PropertiesJuglans. hindsiiJuglans nigraJuglans cathayensisJuglans microcarpaJuglans sigillataJuglans regiaPterocarya stenoptera
Chrom. num.
name‘Rawlins’‘Sparrow’‘Wild Walnut’’83-129’‘Chandler’’83-13’
Paired end reads264,112,180846,241,271249,382,312260,534,438787,524,840219,992,493260,634,420
k-mer analysis
Total 31-mers5.77×10105.54×10105.42×10105.71×10105.65×10105.71×10105.58×1010
Haploid 31-mer depthn/a242323242523
Diploid 31-mer depth50474747475047
Genome size estimate15.77×1085.83×1085.82×1085.71×1085.94×1085.71×1086.00×108
Relative heterozygosity6352341
  • 1 The genome size estimates for these the genomes are derived from the paired end sequence using 31-mer histograms as described in methods.