Table 2 List of genomic resources provided with this manuscript and available at the dyrad repository
Text file giving the position of 1,597 loci on the Pundamilia linkage map and the respective positions on Pundamilia and Oreochromis referencesP_cross.MarkerPositions.txt
Fasta file of the improved Pundamilia reference genome (v2.0)P_nyererei_v2.fasta.gz
Chain files to convert position between original (v1.0) and new reference (v2.0)P_nyererei_v1.To.P_nyererei_v2.chain, P_nyererei_v2.To.P_nyererei_v1.chain
Annotation file matching reference v2.0 position with the NCBI annotation release 101P_nyererei_v2.gff.gz
Text file giving the extrapolated recombination rates along Pundamilia reference genomeP_nyererei_v2.RecRates.txt