Table 2 Assembly statistics for our six genomes. The original v1.0 J. regia assembly, constructed using similar methods, is included for comparison. As an additional resource and for validation purposes, we also included a v1.5 J. regia assembly which incorporates light coverage of PacBio sequences for improved contiguity
SpeciesAssembly sizeScaffoldsN50 Scaffold
J. nigra640,895,151232,579244,921
J. hindsii643,318,433273,094470,924
J. cathayensis797,890,490332,634145,095
J. microcarpa941,867,385329,873135,837
J. sigillata668,759,554282,224200,575
P. stenoptera991,966,387396,056148,559
J. regia v1.0712,759,961186,636241,714
J. regia v1.5651,682,5524,402639,948