Table 1 Census of Rhizopus taxa in three major culture collections and the NCBI databases (as of May 5, 2017). The four species with the greatest number of identified isolates are shown in bold
SpeciesATCCWesterdijk Institute (CBS-KNAW)CABIGenBank recordsaPubMed records
R. arrhizus13776b39b7,451b2133b
R. caespitosus11415
R. circinans71211
R. delemar-c12-2,824155
R. homothallicus2262334
R. lyococcus384
R. microsporusd7048293,645527
R. niveus172127
R. schipperae212714
R. sexualis3343919
R. stolonifer3018e14299413
Rhizopus sp.f132694182
  • a - Including all genes.

  • b - Including R. arrhizus and R. arrhizus var. delemar.

  • c - Together with R. arrhizus.

  • d - Including R. azygosporus and R. oligosporus.

  • e - Including R. stolonifer var. reflexus.

  • f – Not identified to the species level.