Table 2 Overview of the significant scaffolds of the perennial ryegrass genome assembly (Byrne et al. 2015) detected for each studied trait (LOD ≥ 3.0). Significant differences (P ≤ 0.05) between phenotypic medians are indicated with letters. AP – albino plants; AC – anthers cultured; ELS – embryo-like structures; EC – ELS cultured; GP – green plants; LG – linkage groups; RA – responsive anthers
RA (%)815133.0-33.33.0C/C21.0 aC/T6.9 bT/T6.1 b
233440.4-40.53.9AC/AC17.1 aAC/GT10.8 aGT/GT1.3 b
16597452.3-52.43.4GAG/GAG19.6 aCGA/CGA5.2 bCGA/GAG1.5 b
1669503.2G/G14.7 aG/T1.3 b
2554_2528.53.8C/C11.7 aC/T2.0 b
2075743.6-43.73.3GT/GT19.4 aTC/TC13.8 aGT/TC1.3 b
4385746.53.1TG/TG19.0 aGA/TG14.2 aGA/GA2.4 b
ELS/100AC815133.0-33.33.4C/C73.6 aC/T13.1 bT/T21.6 b
233440.4-40.53.1AC/AC55.9 aAC/GT36.9 abGT/GT1.7 b
16597452.3-52.43.9GAG/GAG62 aCGA/CGA8.3 bCGA/GAG2.4 b
1669503.4G/G41.9 aG/T0.7 b
2554_2528.54.5C/C34.9 aC/T3.4 b
4385746.53.9TG/TG54.6 aGA/TG32.8 aGA/GA0.8 b
101613.5C/T49.7 aT/T47 aC/C5.0 b
Plants/100AC16597452.3-52.43.0GAG/GAG27.0 aCGA/CGA0.0 bCGA/GAG0.0 b
2554_2528.54.8C/C4.9 aC/T0.0 b
101613.3C/T7.9 aT/T3.8 aC/C0.0 b
GP/100AC6436279.6-79.83.1T/T1aC/T0.0 bC/C0.0 a
GP/100EC372354.5-25.43.1C/C64.2 aC/T2.0 aT/T0.0 b
AP/100AC16597452.3-52.43.2GAG/GAG16.3 aCGA/CGA0.0 bCGA/GAG0.0 b
2554_1528.54.0G/G5.8 aA/G0.0 b
2554_2528.55.3C/C4.0 aC/T0.0 b
6186743.6-43.73.2CA/CA12.7 aGT/GT9.7 aCA/GT0.0 b
1607751.6-51.73.0A/A13.1 aA/C6.1 aC/C0.0 b
123762.4-62.83.3G/G13.8 aA/G0.0 bA/A0.0 b
RA (%)8920422.2-22.33.4CC/TT21.0 aTT/TT13.0 aCC/CC9.0 b
15142528.23.2A/G22.0 aA/A11.0 abG/G8.0 b
60528.53.3T/T34.0 aC/T11.0 bC/C8.5 b
ELS/100AC8920422.2-22.33.3CC/TT102.0 aTT/TT89.0 aCC/CC28.5 b
813528.5-28.53.2A/G173.0 aG/G36.0 b
GP/100AC127156.1-57.53.9G/G1.2 aA/G0.0 bA/A0.0 b
GP/100EC127156.1-57.54.1G/G1.6 aA/G0.0 bA/A0.0 b
AP/100AC7045737.5-38.63.3C/C21.1 aC/T0.0 bT/T0.0 b
AP/100EC3194130.9-31.13.0TTTC/TTTC37.5 aCCCG/TTTC0.0 bCCCG/CCCG0.0 b
7045737.5-38.63.0C/C19.8 aC/T0.0 bT/T0.0 b