Table 1 Number of chimeric reads detected in all datasets analyzed in this study
Type of chimerasTotal number of chimerasProportion of chimeras*Number of unique chimerasTotal replicates 1 + 2
DENV 1–Moquito 13500.013–0.13%343555
DENV 2–Mosquito 22160.007–0.098%212
DENV 1–Pillbug 123530.09–0.22%23043639
DENV 2–Pillbug 213640.05–0.16%1335
DENV 1–DENV 12126448%4480581516
DENV 2–DENV 21896336.70%36711
Pillbug18S–Pillbug18S 1203244.90%4662817
Pillbug18S–Pillbug18S 2147994.56%3508
  • * The percentage of total reads made up by chimeras. For inter-genome chimeras, the proportions are given in respect of the total number of reads mapping on each genome.