Table 3 Confirmation of recessive suppressor mutations
Strain/AlleleCandidate GeneMolecular LesionRNAi PhenocopyaCRISPR/Cas9 PhenocopybTransgenic Rescuec
WY1208 fd130C04A11.4G/AN.D.++
13692151 Xn = 3P < 0.0001
WY1209 fd131F56D12.6C/T++N.D.
1320072 IIP < 0.0001n = 2
WY1211 fd133F48E8.5G/AN.D.++
5452501 IIIn = 2P < 0.0001
WY1217 fd139B0302.15 bp del.+++
17191744 XP < 0.0001n = 3P < 0.0001
  • For additional details on RNAi, CRISPR/Cas9, and transgenic rescue studies, see Materials and Methods, File S1 and Table S2. F.S. indicates frameshift. P values were derived for proportions using the N-1 chi-squared test.

  • a “+” indicates that statistically significant suppression was observed following injection of WY1145 with corresponding dsRNAs.

  • b “+” indicates that suppression of starting strain WY1145 was observed following editing of the corresponding loci. “N” indicates the number of suppressed independent CRISPR/Cas9-generated lines that were sequence verified.

  • c “+” indicates that statistically significant rescue was observed following injection of corresponding suppressed strains with fosmids encoding the candidate loci. Note that in the case of suppressor mutations, rescued animals are no longer suppressed and are molting defective.