Table 1 Model parameters, random and fixed (overall), from Equations 1, 2, and 5
μ (or θ)Overall mean (or overall infection response)Fixed1
αD0 body weightFixed1
Embedded ImageExperimental batchRandom44 or 52a
Embedded ImageMx1 diplotypeRandom6
Embedded ImageBlueStrain-specific additiveRandom8
Embedded ImageGreenStrain-specific maternal (parent-of-origin)Random8
Embedded ImageRedOverall inbred penaltyFixed1
Embedded ImageOrangeStrain-specific inbred penaltyRandom8
Embedded ImagePurpleStrain pair-specific symmetric epistasisRandom28
Embedded ImageBrownStrain pair-specific asymmetric epistasis (parent-of-origin)Random28
φGrayOverall femaleFixed1
Embedded ImageLight blueSex-by-strain-specific additiveRandom8
Embedded ImageLight greenSex-by-strain-specific maternal (parent-of-origin)Random8
Embedded ImagePinkOverall female inbredFixed1
Embedded ImageLight orangeSex-by-strain-specific inbred penaltyRandom8
Embedded ImageLavenderSex-by-strain pair-specific symmetric epistasisRandom28
Embedded ImageTanSex-by-strain pair-specific asymmetric epistasis (parent-of-origin)Random28
  • a Random effect levels for Embedded Image differ according to the number of experimental batches within each phenotype being modeled: 52 levels for D0, D1pct, D2pct, D1delta, D2delta; and 44 levels for D3pct, D4pct, D3delta, and D4delta. In the text, h is used to indicate the level of batch for a given individual or quartet.