Table 3 ChIP peak metrics of the three high-confidence regions and expression of their downstream genes for different conditions (combinations of Yrr1 allele and growth medium)
Consolidated Peak Region IDValue TypeS96, 4NQOS96, YPDS96-I775E, 4NQOS96-I775E, YPDYJM789, 4NQOYJM789, YPD
201Summit heighta177.3167.7242.6177.2238.7208.8
Pileup log2fca0.9000.7561.0840.9911.0121.167
SNQ2 FPKMb144.564.8177.677.8199.083.5
659Summit height267.8330.4132.0100.6260.2232.0
Pileup log2fc1.5421.9400.7510.6941.3081.610
RPL43B FPKM159920712254214319141931
527Summit height84.47111.665.9765.53150.482.12
Pileup log2fc0.5090.5530.5820.5701.0420.556
SNG1 FPKM27.022.834.526.634.228.3
YPP1 FPKM37.836.833.829.845.639.2
  • a Summit height and pileup log2fc: mean summit height and mean pileup log2(fold change) of three biologcial replicates using two model building options, respectively (Materials and Methods). ID, identifier; 4NQO, 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide; YPD, Yeast Peptone Dextrose.

  • b FPKM: mean fragments per kilobase of transcript length per million mapped reads of two biological replicates, determined from Rsubread counts of reads.