Table 5 List of enriched GO terms in host gene sets that were differentially expressed comparing infected vs. uninfected male plants, in order of increasing magnitude of p-value
Infected Male vs. Uninfected Male Plants
Catalytic Activity (GO:0003824 Ribonuclease P, GTPase activity)
Cellular Metabolic Processes (GO:0044237; ergosterol biosynthesis)
Single-Organism Process (GO:0044699; lipid metabolic process, apoptosis)
Transposase (GO:0004803; p-element encoded)
Transposition, DNA-mediated (GO:0006313; Class II transposition, p-element excision, Tc1 or Tc3 mariner)
Cytoplasmic Part (GO:0044444)
Single-organism Transport (GO:0044765; protein import into nucleus)
Heterocyclic Compound Binding (GO:1901363; DNA or RNA binding)
Organic Cyclic Compound Binding (GO:0097159)
Ion Binding (GO:0043167)
Cellular Amino Acid Biosynthetic Process (GO:0008652)
Oxidoreductase Activity (GO:0016491)
Inclusion of 1 atom of Oxygen (GO:0016709)
Protein Ser/Thr Kinase Activity (GO:0004674)
Protein Phosphorylation (GO:0006468)
DNA Integration (GO:0015074)
Binding (GO:0005488; includes DNA, RNA, and Protein Binding)