Table 2 Complementation groups mapped to single genes
Complementation groupSummary
cassowary (cass)cass mutations were isolated as recessive lethal mutations that result in lack of adhesion between wing surfaces in homozygous mitotic clones (Prout et al. 1997). cass is allelic to Aac11, which encodes an inhibitor of apoptosis homologous to human Apoptosis Inhibitor 5 (API5) (Morris et al. 2006).
filzig (flz)flz mutations were isolated as recessive lethal mutations affecting the patterning of the embryonic cuticle (Nüsslein-Volhard et al. 1984). We found flz to be allelic to CG8213, which encodes a serine protease (Ross et al. 2003). Subsequently, we learned flz was also identified as CG8213 by Anne Uv (unpublished results cited in Geberemedhin 2011).
fs(2)abcfs(2)abc (abnormal chromatin) mutations were isolated as recessive maternal-effect lethals causing abnormal embryonic nuclear divisions and defective chorions (Schüpbach and Wieschaus 1989; Vessey et al. 1991). fs(2)abc is allelic to SRPK, which encodes a Serine–Arginine Protein Kinase necessary for dorsoventral egg patterning, karyosome formation, and meiotic divisions (Barbosa et al. 2007; Loh et al. 2012).
l(2)46CaThe recessive lethal l(2)46Ca is allelic to Electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Etf-QO), which encodes a component of the electron-transport chain that generates ATP from the breakdown of fatty acids (Watmough and Frerman 2010).
l(2)46DbThe recessive lethal l(2)46Db is allelic to TER94, which encodes a chaperone that targets ubiquitin-tagged proteins to the proteasome (Meyer et al. 2012).
l(2)FE3The recessive lethal l(2)FE3 is allelic to hoi-polloi (hoip), which encodes a small nuclear ribonucleoprotein component of spliceosomes (Mount and Salz 2000).
satin (sat)Schüpbach and Wieschaus (1991) showed homozygous satSC46 females lay eggs with thin eggshells. sat is allelic to Origin recognition complex 1 (Orc1), which is needed for chorion gene amplification (Park and Asano 2008).
l(2)51EaThe recessive lethal l(2)51Ea is allelic to scab (scb), which encodes an α integrin involved in cell adhesion (Stark et al. 1997).