Table 2 Chromosome-wide distribution of polymorphic founder alleles that segregated in the MAGIC population
MTFTMOnlyFOnlyM ∩ F*(M ∩ F)/FT
Chr 17,2797,2801,9391,9405,3400.73
Chr 26,5106,2311,9281,6494,5820.74
Chr 36,3156,3961,6321,7134,6830.73
Chr 45,3795,2551,5791,4553,8000.72
Chr 53,7184,1807701,2322,9480.71
Chr 64,5174,5061,0661,0553,4510.77
Chr 73,0703,1298138722,2570.72
Chr 83,3753,6898221,1362,5530.69
Chr 93,9933,9429919403,0020.76
Chr 104,1713,9371,2801,0462,8910.73
  • MT and FT refer to the respective total number of multi-parent advanced generation intercross (MAGIC) and founder alleles that were polymorphic at minor allele frequency > 0.01; MOnly and FOnly are polymorphic alleles that were unique to the MAGIC and founders, respectively; and M ∩ F are the alleles that are shared between the MAGIC and the founders. * indicates the ratio of shared alleles to total founder alleles, depicting the proportion of founder alleles that segregated in the MAGIC population. Chr, chromosome.