Table 1 Updated 0-1 assembly summary statistics compared to previous 0-1 assembly
FeatureUpdated 0-1 AssemblyPrevious 0-1 Assemblya
Genome size46,508,96641,957,260
Total contigs866,412
Largest contig3,573,185300,442
Smallest contig27,932200
Prescaffolding L50b11408
Prescaffolding N50c1,730,40126,790
Contigs <100 kb336,389
  • a Ellwood et al. (2010).

  • b Smallest number of contigs whose length equals 50% of the prescaffolding genome assembly.

  • c Length of the smallest contig in an ordered set of contigs corresponding to 50% of the prescaffolding assembly length.

  • d Overall GC% content of the 0-1 genome assembly.

  • e Number of telomeres identified in the 0-1 assembly on the end of contigs.