Table 5 Pollen viability for various hms1-2 IL genotypes
Genetic Backgroundhms1; hms2NaPVb
IL-GGG; GN50.64 (0.04)
NN; GN160.79 (0.04)
GN; GN160.67 (0.06)
GN; GG120.71 (0.06)
GN; NN30.18 (0.17)
IL-NNN; GN150.88 (0.02)
GN; GN140.81 (0.03)
GN; GG130.85 (0.02)
GN; NN180.09 (0.01)
  • IL, introgression line; G, M. guttatus background; N, M. nasutus background; PV, pollen viability.

  • a Number of individuals scored.

  • b Pollen viability given as the proportion viable pollen grains per flower (for a haphazard sample of 100). PV is the average of two flowers and the number in parentheses is the SE.