Table 3 Allelic transmission ratios at hms1 and hms2 in IL-backcross progeny
aahms1; hms2bNchms1 %Gdhms2 %Ge
IL-GGGN; GG1010.56
GN; NN1710.60
GG; GN1630.53
NN; GN1580.47
GN; GN2930.460.54
IL-GNGN; GG1890.55
GN; NN1190.64*
GG; GN490.53
NN; GN1320.50
GN; GN2320.520.54
GIL-GGN; GG3820.55
GN; NNNo seeds
GG; GN1200.86****
NN; GN1870.50
GN; GN2980.37***0.67****
NIL-GGN; GG6360.62****
GN; NNNo seeds
GG; GN1580.90****
NN; GN1870.52
GN; GN4500.530.64****
IL-NGGN; GG2660.44
GN; NN5930.48
NN; GN3250.55
GN; GN3540.42*0.59*
IL-NNGN; GG2110.48
GN; NN3170.52
NN; GN430.54
GN; GN3200.58*0.66****
GIL-NGN; GG1130.46
GN; NN850.71**
NN; GN2500.53
GN; GN1040.37*0.64*
NIL-NGN; GG1770.51
GN; NN1940.72****
NN; GN1880.57
GN; GN2120.420.61*
  • * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, *** P < 0.005, and **** P < 0.0001 based on χ2 tests of observed frequencies vs. the Mendelian expectation. G, M. guttatus background; N, M. nasutus background; IL, introgression line; N/a, not applicable.

  • a Backcrosses using ILs (M. guttatus background = IL-G; M. nasutus background = IL-N) to the IM62 line of M. guttatus (G) and the SF5 line of M. nasutus (N). ♀ indicates the maternal parent and ♂ indicates the paternal parent.

  • b Two-locus genotype for hms1 and hms2. GG = M. guttatus homozygote; GN = heterozygote; and NN = M. nasutus homozygote.

  • c Number of progeny assessed. Two crosses were unsuccessful (labeled “no seeds”) because the IL-G with the genotype hms1GN; hms2NN was completely male sterile. The IL-N with the genotype hms1GG; hms2GN could not be generated (see text) and is labeled “n/a.”

  • d Percent M. guttatus (G) alleles at hms1 transmitted to progeny from heterozygous IL parent.

  • e Percent M. guttatus (G) alleles at hms2 transmitted to progeny from heterozygous IL parent.