Table 3 Average genetic connectedness statistics across management units in the cattle data
Heritability (Embedded Image)
S1PEVDEmbedded Image0.0770.102
Embedded Image0.0510.085
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.039 (0.066)0.066 (0.110)
CDEmbedded Image0.3240.112
Embedded Image0.5390.224
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.528 (0.558)0.195 (0.265)
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.0170.005
Embedded Image–0.014–0.007
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.725 (0.468)0.465 (0.174)
S2PEVDEmbedded Image0.0160.022
Embedded Image0.0110.020
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.008 (0.014)0.015 (0.025)
CDEmbedded Image0.3760.152
Embedded Image0.6360.326
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.625 (0.652)0.290 (0.373)
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.0140.004
Embedded Image–0.015–0.007
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.738 (0.496)0.468 (0.177)
S3PEVDEmbedded Image0.0120.018
Embedded Image0.0080.016
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.007 (0.011)0.013 (0.020)
CDEmbedded Image0.4600.211
Embedded Image0.6530.346
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.649 (0.669)0.312 (0.394)
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.0180.005
Embedded Image–0.012–0.006
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.739 (0.498)0.468 (0.178)
S4PEVDEmbedded Image0.0070.007
Embedded Image0.0050.007
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.004 (0.007)0.005 (0.009)
CDEmbedded Image0.1250.048
Embedded Image0.3670.132
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.362 (0.384)0.114 (0.158)
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.0240.008
Embedded Image–0.007–0.002
Embedded Image (Embedded Image)0.741 (0.502)0.470 (0.181)
  • S1 (completely disconnected), S2 (disconnected), S3 (partially connected), and S4 (connected) represent four management unit scenarios. PEVD, CD, and r denote prediction error variance of the difference, coefficient of determination, and prediction error correlation, respectively. We compared pedigree-based Embedded Image standard genome-based Embedded Image genome-based Embedded Image assuming equal allele frequencies, and scaled genome-based Embedded Image kernel matrices to evaluate relationships among individuals. Two heritability values, 0.8 and 0.2, were simulated.