Table 1 Tooth number QTL
No SexSex
Oral tooth number
Pharyngeal tooth number
  • The marker number and the genetic position of these markers in the linkage map for both oral and pharyngeal jaw tooth number QTL are given below when sex is excluded (No Sex) and included (Sex) in analyses. All marker sequences and their inferred positions for the entire linkage map are provided in Table S1 in File S1. The logarithm of odds (LOD) scores for the marker most associated with tooth numbers as well as the markers associated with the 1.5 LOD confidence interval around these peaks are provided. The proportional variance explained (PVE) in tooth number for the QTL are given to the right of the peak LOD score. Based on 1000 permutations, an LOD of 3.75 is considered significant at P = 0.05. Therefore, oral tooth number showed a nearly significant QTL without accounting for sex and a clearly significant QTL when accounting for sex. Only when not accounting for sex did pharyngeal tooth number have a significant QTL.