Table 1 E. dilemma genome assembly statistics in comparison to previously published bee genomes
SpeciesN50N25Longest ScaffoldScaffoldsAssembly LengthGC (%)Predicted GenesRef.
Euglossa dilemma143,5901,417,00610,108,12022,698588,199,72039.9415,9041
Eufriesea mexicana2427443,2314,677,3003,522,5431,031,837,97041.3812,0222
Apis mellifera997,1921,922,1924,736,2995644234,070,65732.7015,3143
Melipona quadrifasciata68,0851,896,32212,087,08738,604507,114,16138.8814,2572
Bombus impatiens1,399,4932,389,5135,466,0905559249,185,05637.7515,8964
Lasioglossum albipes616,4261,130,4133,533,89541,433341,616,64141.5013,4485
  • N50 and N25 indicate the length of the shortest scaffold of those including 50 and 25% of the base pairs in a genome assembly. References (Ref.): 1: this study, 2: Kapheim et al. (2015), 3: Elsik et al. (2014), 4: Sadd et al. (2015), 5: Kocher et al. (2012).