Table 2 Summary of Douglas-fir gene models (assembly Pm_1.0)
CategoryGene-model count
A – Single gene-model features used for classification
  Protein evidence41,609
  Protein evidence6944
B – Gene-model classification based on combined features
  Total high quality (expression/Interpro/  protein evidence)34,239
  Total high quality (expression/Interpro/  protein evidence)
Total high quality full-length (Multi- and  mono-exonic)22,257
Total high quality (Multi- and mono-exonic)35,880
Total low quality (Multi- and mono-exonic)18,950
  • InterPro. gene model containing at least a recognizable protein domain; expression, gene model supported by RNA-Seq data corresponding to de novo assembled Douglas-fir transcripts; protein evidence, gene model with protein sequence similar to existing plant proteins in public databases (used as input for MAKER-P).