Table 1 Summary of the 80 S. cerevisiae strains used in this study
Geographic RegionGeographic OriginHabitatNumber of StrainsStudy
USANorth CarolinaOaks14Diezmann and Dietrich (2009)
Grapes10Diezmann and Dietrich (2009)a
PennsylvaniaOaks10Sniegowski et al. (2002)
EuropePortugal, Greece, and HungaryOaks12Sampaio and Gonçalves (2008), Robinson et al. (2016), Almeida et al. (2015)b
GreeceFigs3Robinson et al. (2016)
WorldwideMultiplecMultiple31Liti et al. (2009)
  • a Strains were collected by Anne Rouse and kindly provided by Greg Wray.

  • b A strain from Hungary was kindly provided by Eladio Barrio.

  • c Further details for this sample and all other strains are in File S1.