Table 2 S. cerevisiae from trees in oak woodlands show less genetic admixture than those from other habitats
structure AnalysisPhylogenetic Analysis
HabitatNot AdmixedAdmixedProportion AdmixedNot AdmixedAdmixedProportion Admixed
Fruit or flower9120.5711100.48
Human infections340.57340.57
Soil and unknown041.00310.25
Oak or other trees3240.11a3240.11a
  • a Fisher’s exact tests show that habitats differ in the prevalence of strains that show recent admixture (structure analysis: Embedded Image locus-by-locus analysis: Embedded Image). If strains isolated from oaks or other trees are excluded, then the prevalence of strains with recent admixture is independent of habitat (structure analysis: Embedded Image locus-by-locus analysis: Embedded Image), suggesting that most of the difference among habitats is due to the low genetic admixture seen in woodland strains.