Table 1 Novel features and improvements in FlyExpress 7
FlyExpress 6FlyExpress 7
Digital library imagesBDGP: 57,083BDGP: 57,083
Fly-FISH: 42,065Fly-FISH: 42,065
PubMed: 5,977PubMed: 34,074
Coexpression searchingPairwiseGEM-based
In situ image carouselAbsentPresent
Shared motif viewerAbsentPresent
Motif visualizationAbsentInteractive dotplot viewer
Hitlist functionalityExport to FlyBase and FlyMineExport to FlyBase and FlyMine
Downloadable gene list (CSV)Downloadable gene list (CSV)
Create custom GEMsCreate custom GEMs
One-click export to STRING (Franceschini et al. 2013)
One-click export to Tomtom (Gupta et al. 2007)
  • In addition to expanding the digital library, a variety of biologist-friendly tools integrating sequence analysis with temporal-spatial patterns of gene expression are available for use in FlyExpress 7. BDGP, Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project; GEMs, Genomewide Expression Maps.