Table 4 Segregation of genotypes in T1 generation derived by transformation of RPC4 genes derived from normal alleles into DGS1 semisterile plants
Transgene (Allele)Segregation at RM16862 in T1 GenerationPa
RPC4 (DGS1-T65+)193910688.0 × 10−4
RPC4c (DGS2-nivara+)184715806.7 × 10−5
RPC4d (DGS2-nivara+)223318731.1 × 10−6
RPC4e (DGS2-nivara+)6166285.5 × 10−4
Vector control4548194
  • a Probabilities were calculated by Fisher’s exact test. We hypothesized that plants carrying the Ns/Ns|Ts/Ts genotype segregate with a probability of 1/94.