Table 1 Summary of segregation distortion loci linked to seed dormancy QTL in the BC1F1 (EM93-1//EM93-1/LD) and BC2F1 populations
Locus (QTL)ChrPopulationNumber of PlantsGenotypic (Allelic) FrequencyChi-Square Valuea
Homozygote (Allele from EM93-1)Heterozygote (Allele from LD)
RM176 (qSD6-3)6BC1F11630.310.696.09*
BC2F1 (9)1360.250.758.50**
BC2F1 (139)1490.090.9124.57***
RM21197 (qSD7-1)7BC1F11630.690.315.71*
BC2F1 (9)1430.760.249.83**
BC2F1 (139)1520.590.411.11b
RM28607 (qSD12)12BC1F11630.860.1421.00***
BC2F1 (9)1430.940.0628.20***
  • QTL, quantitative trait loci; Chr, chromosome; LD, pure line LüDao.

  • a Significance of the deviation from the 1:1 expectation at probability levels of * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, or *** P < 0.0001.

  • b This population was segregating for a short segment containing qSD7-1/ RM21197 on Chr 7 (Figure 4A) that may not encompass the segregation distortion locus.