Table 3 Identified quantitative trait loci (vQTL) in the FGO × SG1 population
vQTLLinkage GroupLinesLODR2
vQTL 1ALG 1.2Skiff, TR3268.4/5.80.31/0.23
vQTL 1BLG 1.281-82/0335.40.21
vQTL 1CLG 1.2PI 3925019.40.34
vQTL 2LG 5.1Skiff5.50.22
vQTL 3LG 2.1Skiff5.30.20
vQTL 4aLG 1.181-82/033, PI 3925018.0/11.00.30/0.37
vQTL 5LG 5.181-82/033, TR326, PI 3925016.0/6.6/9.30.33/0.26/0.34
vQTL 6LG 3.1PI 3925015.00.20
  • Summary table of vQTL identified for the FGO × SG1 pathogen population on barley genotypes: Skiff, 81-82/033, TR326, and PI 392501. QTL is shown in the first column, followed by the linkage group, the lines the QTL was identified on, the respective LOD score, and the R2 for each QTL identified. vQTL, virulence quantitative trait loci; LOD, logarithm of the odds; LG, linkage group.

  • a vQTL 4 was the only virulence contributed by SG1.