Table 4 The Shannon Diversity Index, heterozygosity, and number of SNPS of the 18 original parents, the number of families in cycles C0–C3 (in parentheses), and the selected parents in C0–C3, and including all the entries
ParentsC0 (1000)C0 (50)C1 (157)C1 (25)C2 (91)C2 (18)C3 (44)C3 (22)All Entries
Shannon’s Index0.06610.07280.0200.07760.0520.07650.0430.05880.0630.0740
Number of SNP markers950,248952,825943,344951,390947868953,199953,453954,058954,924954,960
  • Numbers in parentheses refer to the size of the cycle population and the selected parents to form the subsequent cycle.