Table 1 List of strains and plasmids used in this study
NameGenotypes or CharacteristicsReference
M. circinelloides strainsMU402leuA pyrGNicolas et al. (2007)
MSL7leuA pyrG cnbRΔ::pyrGLee et al. (2013)
MSL27leuA pyrG carRPΔ::pyrG-dpl237This study
MSL28leuA pyrG carRPΔ::dpl237This study
MSL29leuA pyrG carRPΔ::dpl237This study
MSL30leuA pyrG carRPΔ::dpl237This study
MAG1leuA pyrG carRPΔ::dpl237 cnbRΔ::pyrGThis study
MAG2leuA pyrG carRPΔ::dpl237 cnbRΔ::pyrGThis study
PlasmidspCR21-TOPOAmpicillinR KanamycinRInvitrogen
pTOPO-pyrG2002-bp pyrG fragment cloned into pCR21-TOPOLee et al. (2013)
pCnbR-KOcnbR disruption construct cloned into pCR21-TOPOLee et al. (2013)
pSL13pyrG blaster marker in pCR21-TOPOThis study