Table 2 Genetic parameters for plant collapse caused by Phytophthora cactorum and proportion of phenotypic variance explained by the FaRPc2 locus for two QTL discovery populations evaluated during the 2013–2014 and 2014–2015 seasons, respectively
Genome-wideLG 7DProc GLMbASRemlc
 H20.32 (0.04)0.38 (0.04)
 h20.26–0.270.32–0.390.240.32–0.330.27 (0.10)0.36 (0.12)
 d20.00 (0.00)0.01 (0.07)
 i20.05 (0.07)0.01 (0.09)
PVE (%)14.8–20.220.3–24.213.7–16.717.8–24.325.323.7
  • QTL, quantitative trait locus; LG, linkage group; PVE, phenotypic variation explained; AUDPC, area under the disease progress curve; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.

  • a Narrow-sense heritability (h2) and PVE (%) from FlexQTL outputs using AUDPC data for both genome-wide and LG-specific analyses represent the range of values from separate runs with different starting seeds.

  • b The coefficient of determination (R2) estimated in SAS was used to determine the phenotypic variance explained (%) by the allele combination at the FaRPc2 locus. Putative alleles were assigned to SNP haplotypes based on haplotype/diplotype effects.

  • c ASReml outputs generated from 0.1 plant collapse data from each of three clonal replicates per individual. SEs are shown in parentheses. Parameters: broad-sense heritability (H2), narrow-sense heritability (h2), dominance variance (d2), and epistatic variance (i2).