Table 1 Mammary carcinoma multiplicity phenotypes of WF.Cop RNO1 congenic and WF/NHsd females
StrainGenetic Markers Spanning Cop RNO1 Maximal SegmentPhenotype Mean ± SDNp-Valuea
Ars105079134 to rs1051317023.4 ± 2.2300.019
DD1Rat320 to D1Rat652.8 ± 2.3190.015
Ers105079134 to rs1074027366.6 ± 3.4250.935
Grs105079134 to D1Rat3218.1 ± 3.4290.334
WF/NHsdNA6.3 ± 3.812
  • WF, Wistar Furth; Cop, Copenhagen; SD, standard deviation; NA, not applicable.

  • a p-values from Mann-Whitney post hoc tests comparing each congenic line phenotype to a susceptible WF/NHsd phenotype following a statistically significant Kruskal-Wallis test with p-value < 0.0001.