Table 3 Power (% QTL identified) to validate QTL between populations
Source = DGRP, Validation = DSPRSource = DSPR, Validation = DGRP
Source PVEValidation Sample SizeHits Shared Between Populations (%)aValidated (%)bHits Shared Between PopulationsaValidatedb
518527 (55.1)6 (22.2)837 (84.0%)143 (17.1%)
587827 (55.1)17 (63.0)
1018577 (51.7)35 (45.5)1098 (84.5%)464 (42.2%)
1087877 (51.7)55 (71.4)
  • DGRP, Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel; DSRP, Drosophila Synthetic Population Resource; PVE, percentage of variance explained; FWER, family-wise error rate.

  • a The number of hits that also exist in the validation population with the percentage of hits that are shared in parentheses. These numbers vary according to the power in the initial simulation and the parameter combinations considered (see Methods).

  • b The number of shared hits also mapped in the validation population with the percentage (i.e., power) in parentheses.