Table 1 Library and sequencing results
(A) Sequence Statistics by Library
LibraryPaired ReadsRead Length (bp)Raw Sequence Coverage (X)Aligned ReadsFiltered Aligned Reads
1232,879,21088 + 980.7181,462,035111,854,014
2232,329,74688 + 980.7195,340,154125,001,615
3311,708,09491 + 1010.97288,643,022177,242,573
4297,865,79891 + 1010.92274,488,516168,110,243
5310,580,22491 + 1010.96286,623,246177,826,361
(B) Barcoded Pool Statistics by Library
LibraryBarcodes (Pools)Filtered Barcodes (Pools)Physical Coverage (Gb)Mean Read Cloud Length (kb)N50 Read Cloud Length (kb)
1609,077546,85773 (2.3×)35.365
2576,842514,523113 (3.6×)61.280
3663,880556,645204 (6.6×)58.980
4665,787556,329172 (5.6×)57.675
5665,787562,421177 (5.7×)61.775
  • (A) Sequencing results are presented for each of the five libraries. A total of 4.25× sequence coverage of the 31 Gb genome was obtained. After barcode demultiplexing reads were aligned to P. lambertiana v1.0 with BWA and subsequently filtered by fragScaff (see Materials and Methods). (B) Pool statistics are presented for each library; >3.18 million barcoded pools were sequenced across all libraries. The mean read cloud length for HMW DNA covered ∼60 kb for all size-selected libraries, nearly twice as long as without size selection. We estimated the total physical coverage in read clouds to be 23.8×.