Table 1 Summary of the genomic metrics for the PA42 and TCO genomes
TCOPA42 3.0
Genome size, including gaps (bp)197,261,574156,418,198
Number of scaffolds51911822
Length of largest scaffold (bp)4,163,0301,661,524
Mean scaffold length (bp)38,00185,849
Number of N50 scaffold7596
Total length of gaps (bp)38,612,94313,454,790
Number of annotated genes30,09718,440
Mean length of a coding gene (including introns) (bp)22892998
Mean number of exons/gene6.66.9
Mean exon size (bp)212237
Mean intron size (bp)169223
Mean UTR size (bp)371214
Fraction of long introns10%14%
  • TCO data are compiled from Colbourne et al. (2011). Long introns are defined as having a length exceeding the average exon size. UTR, untranslated region.