Table 1 Percentage overlap of distributions of gene composition metrics between E. festucae and other species, ordered by phylogenetic distance from E. festucae
F. graminearum71.787.993.559.2
M. oryzae70.355.278.776.2
O. maius69.590.595.472.5
S. turcica94.062.780.863.5
L. bicolor63.595.597.635.6
Ps. fluorescens40.756.175.461.7
  • The overlap in distributions of GC, GC3, CAI, and ENC is shown for E. festucae with five fungal species (F. graminearum, M. oryzae, O. maius, S. turcica, and L. bicolor) and a bacterium (Ps. fluorescens). Overlap with random sequences is also shown, although the median excludes these values. GC, GC content; GC3, GC content on the third position of the codons; CAI, codon adaptation index; ENC, effective number of codons.