Table 2 Number of diploid and triploid F1 progenies from H. nuttallii (N) and H. maximiliani (M) crossed with cultivated sunflower line NMS HA 89-552
Crosses2x (2n = 34)3x (2n = 51)Triploids %Total
 NMS HA 89-552/N10212896.5529
 NMS HA 89-552/N31402100.002
 NMS HA 89-552/N41201100.001
 NMS HA 89-552/N132441071.4314
 NMS HA 89-552/M11132777.789
 NMS HA 89-552/M13232133.333
 NMS HA 89-552/M14181929.5221
 NMS HA 89-552/N1008500.005
 NMS HA 89-552/M1018200.002
 NMS HA 89-552/M513100.001
 NMS HA 89-552/M1314500.005
 NMS HA 89-552/M214500.005
 NMS HA 89-552/N405200.002
 NMS HA 89-552/N817100.001
 NMS HA 89-552/N1408500.005
  • NMS, nuclear male-sterile.