Table 1 Seed composition profiles of homozygous translocation, heterozygous translocation, and homozygous wild-type genotypes in the BC1F2 population
GenotypeSucrose (%)Oil (%)Protein (%)Raffinose (%)Stachyose (%)Palmitic Acid (%)Stearic Acid (%)Oleic Acid (%)Linoleic Acid (%)Linolenic Acid (%)
Homozygous translocation8.02 a8.80 c43.20 ab0.91 a4.94 a12.83 a4.58 a21.85 b46.19 a15.27 a
Heterozygous translocation5.26 b16.23 b44.86 a0.48 b3.80 b11.48 b4.78 a33.33 a46.79 a9.03 b
Homozygous wild type4.61 c19.71 a42.81 b0.37 c3.13 c10.93 c4.68 a35.09 a47.73 a7.44 c
  • The five fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic) are shown on a percent of total fatty acid basis and all other measurements are based on percent of seed, on a dry matter basis. Sucrose composition was analyzed using a colorimetric assay and all other measurements are based on near infrared spectroscopy. Means that do not share the same letter (a, b, c) are significantly different at P < 0.05.